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Harrowstone: Ravengro’s ill-fated prison. Housing some of the most dangerous inmates from the surrounding area, the prison and its inhabitants succumbed to a devastating fire of unknown origin. A memorial statue stands in honor of the event, and the prison ruins are said to be haunted.

Kendra Lorrimor: Daughter of the late Petros Lorrimor and subject of the one-month protective order in his will. A wizard and resident of Ravengro.

Petros Lorrimor: Professor and scholar bent on researching evil and the undead in order to better understand them. During his travels, he uncovered many tomes, some suspect in nature, and caught wind of the Whispering Ways efforts. His research into this cult and the Harrowstone ended abruptly in his untimely demise – being crushed by a piece of falling stone at the Harrowstone (?). In his will, he tasks four heroes with keeping his daughter, Kendra, safe and returning some of his tomes to the University of Lepidstadt.

Ravengro: A town located in Ustalav, a nation rife with the undead and all manner of spookiness. Hometown of Petros and Kendra Lorrimor, and the beginning of the heroes’ journey. The Whispering Way seems to have an unknown interest in the town and its prison, the Harrowstone. As of late, the townsfolk have been acting strange, and peculiar happenings have been sighted.

University of Lepidstadt: The University of Lepidstadt, or Lepidstadt University, is famous throughout Avistan and beyond; it specializes in the “mortal sciences” of medicine, mathematics, and science. The University was founded by the brothers Liron and Cadamon Treyes in 4422 AR as a place to record their research and deposit their treasure found in their investigation of Kalexcourt. Its current leader is Dean Acciani Viacarri, while Dr. Leis Richleau of the University’s School of Medicine is also a council member on the Palatine Council of Vieland.

Many of its students and faculty are investigators, and its investigative graduates are held in such esteem for their deductive skills that the University regularly receives requests from throughout the region for the aid of Lepidstadt-trained inspectors. The University also teaches the value of swordsmanship: it supports dueling fraternities like Gateguard and Malkenclaw. There is a tradition for freshers to duel at Fifthstones Hill, to the south of the city, until they receive a Lepidstadt scar: a prized cut to the face.

Vesorianna: The wife of the Harrowstone Warden. She perished in the prison fire, although the reason for her presence at Harrowstone that night is unknown. There is a rumor found in a mysterious Ravengro children’s song that suggests that the Warden killed her.

Whispering Way: A group of necromancers and undead determined to bring back the Whispering Tyrant by any means necessary. They seem to have interest in Ravengro and the Harrowstone.

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