Carrion Crown

And so it continues...

After much preparation and finally managing to get Kendra to come along, the group beds down for the camp out at the Harrowstone Memorial. Although we hoped to catch a vandal red-handed, the night yields no such luck as the perpetrator continues his mysterious painting at the entrance to the Restlands, this time leaving a dead pig behind with the letter “S.”

Oct. 8 Having no leads on the vandal, the group decides to spend the day dividing and conquering. Zindelo and Mara head to the Temple of Pharasma to ask about the False Crypt, while Jag & Magnus go to investigate the Tavern’s stew.

The sun-shy and coffee-addicted pair make their way to the Laughing Demon, but are stopped short of their destination by a scream that erupts from a pumpkin patch behind the Apothecary. They rush to provide aid and find a farmer being attacked by a pumpkin monster. Undaunted, they spring into action. After dealing some pain to Jag, the pumpkin monster manages to drop the dhampir. Desperate, Magnus throws acid wildly at the pumpkin to try and stave it off. Luckily, a woman from the Apothecary comes out of her shop and kills the pumpkin with a flask of acid. As it melts, the pumpkin’s head hisses ominously. Magnus rushes to Jag’s side to try and revive him, but the woman knows better and kicks the head into the river where it explodes. AND THE KICK IS GOOD! THE CROWD GOES WILD!

After the ordeal, Magnus and the woman (Jominda) work to revive Jag and manage to bring him back to consciousness. The pair thank Jominda, and the farmer returns to the pumpkin patch to thank the two for intervening. The group then converses about the pumpkin creature, learning that they like to eat people and excrete new pumpkin monsters from the waste, giving a whole new meaning to “pumpkin pie.”

Meanwhile, Zindelo and Mara head to the Temple and get Father Grimsburough’s blessing to investigate the False Crypt. Accompanied by two acolytes, the shiny pair sets off towards the Restlands. Once there, their progress is halted when two zombies claw their way out of the ground. Thanks to a valiant effort by Acolyte Steve, the group dispatches of the zombies with little incident.

Afterward, Zindelo and Mara enter the False Crypt in search of the ghost-fighting items. As they approach the sarcophagus, two millipede-like insects fall from the ceiling around them. They don’t last long, however, as Mara minces one and the other flees at the sight of his cubed friend. Free of the hassle, the two slide open the sarcophagus and gather the useful items inside, noting that some items seem to be missing.

Making it out of the Restlands with no incident, Zindelo, Mara, and the two acolytes head back to Father Grimsburough to fill him in on their experience. Concerned, he once again vows to reconsecrate the Restland grounds.

Leaving the Temple, Zindelo and Mara head back toward Kendra’s and run into Magnus and Jag who are leaving the Apothecary. Swapping brief tales of their heroics, they continue toward Kendra’s house, but are interrupted by a drunk man who the group quickly discovers to be a zombie. Mara cuts him down.

Now even more concerned that zombies have made it into the actual town proper, we grab a nearby town-guardsman and ask him to alert the Sheriff of this mischief. In an attempt to get the bottom of this zombie’s appearance, we follow its footprints back to the Restlands and agree that the consecration needs to happen right away. Grabbing Father Grimsburough and our acolyte friends, we all head straight to the Restlands to begin the ritual. Pharasma’s trio says they need uninterrupted time to complete the ritual and the four heroes agree to act as guards should anything try to prevent them from consecrating the ground. Naturally, the undead are displeased with the efforts.

Near the end of the ritual, three skeletons and one Prof. Lorrimor zombie rise from their graves and try to wreak havoc. Pharasma’s trio keeps their focus on the ritual while the party moves to take on the fiends. With our individual efforts, we manage to fend off the undead and allow the priests to finish the ritual uninterrupted.

As the night deepens, we leave the graveyard and head back to Kendra’s where Magnus looks into the Harrowstone inmates once more. This time he learns about the Splatterman (formerly a Professor) who enjoyed preying on people via their name.

Oct. 9 The next morning, the group heads to the general store to sell the Darkwood Case found in the False Crypt. The purveyors are fair, if overburdened with children.

Once complete, we all travel to the Laughing Demon to finally get to the bottom of the soylent stew. Living up to its name, the tavern is resplendent with Halloween-themed decorations and features an array of themed food, such as Werewolf Balls. We all order some food, making sure that some of us try the in-question stew, and find the food to be delicious and people-free. While there, we hear a rumor that the Warden’s Wife haunts the prison ruins.

After a hearty meal and some chatter, we visit Father Grimsburough in hopes of obtaining the elusive list of Harrowstone inmates. Having warmed to us, Father Grimsburough has the list ready and hands it over. It reveals the true names of the remaining Harrowstone criminals. We learn that the Moss Water Marauder (an artisan) killed his wife for infidelity and continued on to kill 20 more people in hopes of finding an appropriately-sized skull piece.

That evening, we attend a town meeting meant to address all of the strange occurrences in Ravengro. As the meeting commences, the group is called up on stage and publicly asked if to help find the cause of the mysterious happenings in town. We accept, but some of the townsfolk are still skeptical. Seeing the hesitation, Mara steps up the podium and delivers and inspiring speech; however, it doesn’t have time to take effect as the lanterns in the town hall explode into flame. The people panic and chaos ensues.

The party springs into action and immediately stars directing groups of people out of the building. When a towns-person is caught in the flames, Jag steps in and hoists the unconscious man on his shoulders. Groups of people make their way out of the town hall as the heroes try to push back some of the fire and funnel people out the door. The matter is further complicated when two flaming skulls burst into the building through the side windows. Getting the unconscious man back up on his feet, the group crushes the skulls while the town council and the man finally manage to escape the building. Although the town hall is lost, all of the people are saved. Huzzah!



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