Carrion Crown

And so it begins...

Carrion Crown Session 1

Oct. 4: Zindelo, Cleric of Desna, Jag, Dhampir Slayer, Mara, Paladin of Iomedae, and Magnus, Arcanist of Coffee, arrive in the Ustlavian city of Ravengro, brought there by the passing of one Petros Lorrimor. Arriving periodically throughout the day, the group makes their way to procure a room at the Outward Inn. After all have arrived, they dine, drink, and listen to the minstrel strum his tunes. Zindelo and Mara, the shiniest guests, meet and discuss religion and the Professor. At the other end of the bar, Jag and Magnus share a few words before lapsing into gruff silence.

Oct. 5: The next morning, the four make their separate ways to Professor Lorrimor’s funeral and pay their respects to the family. Tasked with being the pallbearers, they bring the Professor’s casket into the Restlands for his burial. They find the way blocked, however, by local townsfolk who refuse to let the Professor be buried in the town’s graveyard. Standing up to the unruly citizens, Mara chastises them into submission and they leave the Restlands with only a smattering of grumbles and dirty looks.

Later, as the group and Lorrimor’s daughter, Kendra, are paying their respects, two Stirges buzz down from the sky to ruin the proceedings. Despite their penchant for blood, the party handles the bugs with little incident and finally manages to finish laying the Professor to rest.

After the service, Kendra invites the four back to her house for refreshments. Shortly after arriving, Mara asks Jag to step outside so they can talk. Turning on the Dhampir, she presses him for information about his true intention for being in Ravengro; not trusting a person with his unholy affliction. The others come out to break the two apart, and Mara leaves reasonably satisfied that Jag is on the up-and-up, at least for the moment.

Once the shenanigans are out of the way, the Professor’s will is read. In it, Lorrimor tasks the four to look after Kendra for a month, fearing reprisal due to his recent prying into a group known as the Whispering Way. He also requests that we return some of the more nefarious tomes he collected during his travels to the University of Lepidstadt. Each having had their own encounter with the Professor, the four agree to take up the mission out of respect to the man who impacted each of their lives. Now focused on keeping Kendra safe for the next month, the group investigates the Professor’s diary and the tomes. Through them, we learn:

  • The tomes are rare and quite suspect in nature; a discovery best kept between us.
  • The Whispering Way is a group of necromancers and undead intent on bringing back the Whispering Tyrant by any means necessary.
  • The Harrowstone is a nearby prison that was destroyed by a fire. It’s locale and prisoners are of unknown interest to the Whispering Way.
  • The Warden’s Wife, a woman by the name of Vellso Rihana (sp?), was in the prison the night it burned down for reasons unknown.

That night, Zindelo experiences a strange dream. In it, he seems to be a prisoner of Harrowstone and finds his name written in blood on his cell wall as the fire begins to burn. Wakened by his screams, the party discovers that his name is also written in blood on Kendra’s wall by an unknown hand.

Oct. 6: The next morning, Deputy Raff comes knocking on Kendra’s door asking the group to take a look at the Harrowstone commemorative statue. When we arrive, we discover that a “V” has been painted in blood on the statue overnight. Not having any explanation, we leave the scene with an uneasy feeling in the pit of our stomachs.

From there, Mara and Zindelo break off to talk to Father Grimsburough at the Temple of Pharasma to see if he has any record of the prisoners of the Harrowstone. On the way, the two encounter some local children who are singing a strange and haunting song while playing double-dutch. Zindelo attempts to engage the children in conversation, but none are forthcoming about the origins or meaning of the song. At the church, the two ask Father Grimsburough about the song and the list. He also proves to be resistant and the pair walk away almost empty-handed.

After returning to Magnus, Jag, and Kendra, the party decides to take Kendra out for some fun to get her mind off of her father’s passing. On our way to the Outward Inn, Jag sees as mysterious sight. In a field off the side of the road, he spies a tombstone bearing the name Mara Sunsteel, the group’s paladin. When he tries to point it out the party, the field is once again empty, devoid of any suspicious tombstones. Shaking it off, we arrive at the Inn and do our best to help Kendra relax. A few members of the party discuss the town with the locals as Zindelo’s gift of free beer puts everyone in a more friendly mood. From the townsfolk, we learn:

  • There are rumors that the town’s Tavern serves people in their stew.

Oct. 7: The next morning, Deputy Raff comes knocking once more and leads us all back to the memorial statue, where a bloody “E” has been painted overnight. Putting two-and-two together, we realize that the letters seem to be spelling out Vellso, the name of the Warden’s wife. Having had enough of this vandalism, we devise a plan to camp out by the statue overnight in an attempt to catch the vandal in the act. The Sheriff agrees to spare a few men with Jag, Zindelo, and Magnus joining them, while Mara keeps Kendra safe at her home. The day still young, we’ll have the opportunity to pursue any leads before the camping trip of horrors begins…

Items of Interest or to Follow-Up on:

  • Does the Tavern actually put people in their stew?
  • Get the list of Harrowstone inmates from the Temple of Pharasma
  • The Professor’s journal mentioned ghosts prowling the grounds of the Harrowstone ruins. In it, he suggested that the Temple of Pharasma had items stored in a false crypt in the Restlands that could be useful for fending off the fiends.



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